The best curvy clothing store

Do you always feel like you can't find the right model for you, that your size is always missing, that no one understands you when you don't feel comfortable in certain clothes?

Did you know that in our store you will find a vast assortment of Curvy Clothing?

Our Store is not a simple Monobrand, but a multibrand where you can find the best selection of clothing

  • Elena Mirò
  • Louise Viola
  • Person By Marina Rinaldi

Usually it all starts like this, you would like a Sexy, Colorful dress and you try it


It doesn't fit you well at all

Or you simply need a simple and practical look to go to work

but you never find a shop that has a large assortment.

So what do you do?

You search on the internet and you can never find the right garment, or it looks good and when it arrived it wasn't what you expected!

Not to mention, you should try it on to be sure it fits you.

Most of the time in online shopping you don't have that human relationship that makes the difference, you wish there was someone to help you understand something with all those numbers and measures...

Here in our store you will find all this!

We have also recently expanded our staff to better assist you, how? contact us on whatsapp at +393664512002

or if you prefer and you are in the area we are waiting for you at Via Roma 84 Torre del Greco